Environmental Catalysis

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Ultrafine TiO2-based products are at the core of catalyst technologies for NOx abatement (Selective Catalytic Reduction, SCR) in power plants, marine applications and heavy duty diesel. CristalACTiV™ powders have been used for decades in several different catalytic platforms including extruded, coated and granulated forms. We lead and adapt to innovations and regulations in the marketplace, ensuring that environmental solutions utilizing TiO2 catalysts will contribute to a cleaner world.

Uses in environmental catalysis

  • SCR catalysts for stationary sources (power plants)
  • SCR catalysts for mobile sources (on and off-road vehicles)
  • Oxidation catalysts
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Partner with us

Cristal, now as part of Tronox, is continuously developing new CristalACTiV™ materials to meet existing and future environmental regulations and respond to the needs of innovative applications.

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