Truck Manufacturers and Their Suppliers Can Count On Tronox to Meet the New Euro 7 Regulation Proposal

After several postponements, the EU Commission has finally proposed standards for Euro 7 regulation bringing emission limits for all motor vehicles – cars, vans, buses and trucks – under a single set of rules whatever the fuel used. The driver behind this new regulation is clear: “In 2035, all cars and vans sold in the EU will have zero CO2-emissions. However, in 2050, more than 20% of cars and vans and more than half of the heavier vehicles in our streets are expected to continue to emit pollutants from the tailpipe. Battery electric vehicles also still cause pollution from brakes and microplastics from tires. Euro 7 rules will reduce all these emissions and keep vehicles affordable to consumers”, says the EU Commission. The next step is the submission to the European Parliament and the Council for its adoption by the co-legislators.

With regard to trucks specifically, the regulation should be implemented in 2027. As expected, it gets tougher with the criteria pollutants especially NOx and Particulate Number. The addition of N2O to the list should make SCR-catalysts (Selective Catalytic Reduction) based on titania/vanadia even more appealing. This technology has first been used with Euro IV regulation and has proven its performance and robustness for years. The first dedicated Tronox CristalACTiV™ products were developed at that time and fully adopted by the marketplace. The titania/vanadia technology spread globally with Euro IV and then with Euro V wider adoption, as did the Tronox product usage. Euro VI, however, was a bit more challenging, but the advantages of the titania/vanadia technology helped its market share grow significantly.

At Tronox, we started working on Euro 7 long ago, weighing all options, and the proposed standards do not change our approach. Commercial TiO2 supports, focusing on CristalACTiV™ MC-5 Series grades, or brand new ones derived from our proprietary technologies, are still at the forefront of the developments. Moreover, the new prototypes will be advantageously considered for China VII as well.

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