Tronox inaugurates new Speciality TiO₂ research centre based in Thann, France

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Research is key to developing new products that will allow us to make progress towards that ideal. Based on this strong belief, Tronox’s Thann site inaugurated its new R&D centre “Centre de Recherche, Thann (CRT)” on October 1, 2020. This event marks another important date in the history of our site, which has more than 200 years of rich history. The new building brings R&D and manufacturing together in the same location, allowing efficiency and promptness in new developments, as well as easy accessibility to industrial tools.

The CRT will be instrumental to the Specialty Chemicals and Materials (SC&M) business unit, which is unique within Tronox, by focusing on research and development of next generation titanium dioxide anatase and rutile products for specialty applications.

The inauguration was attended by local community leaders: Mme Marie-Anne Fiegenwald, Assistant of the Deputy Prefet of Thann-Guebwiller, Gilbert Stoeckel, Mayor of Thann and his deputy Charles Vetter, and François Horny, President of the community of Communes of Cernay-Thann.

After presenting our company, the Thann site and specifics of the CRT project, to an audience of about 25 people, Jean-François Pasquier, commercial director, and Emmanuel Sibileau, Thann site director, officially inaugurated the center. Attendees enjoyed a guided visit of the new labs, which are equipped with cutting-edge tools.

The renovation of the lab and the installation of equipment were completed in 18 months with zero accidents. Tronox invested 1.2M euros to refurbish more than 300 square meters, including five laboratories dedicated to the synthesis and testing of Tronox CristalACTiV™ TiO₂. The R&D centre features a state-of-the-art DeNOx catalytic test bench to support the development of new products dedicated to environmental applications. The CRT is equipped with powerful analytical tools to characterize newly developed TiO₂ products. Three pilot plants used for scale-up studies and preparation of samples complete this new centre. The R&D team, led by Abdelkader Hadjar, is comprised of 13 people (technicians and scientists) of six different nationalities. The group includes five PhDs.

Thann plant employees also enjoyed the opportunity to visit the new R&D centre following the inauguration. Guided tours were organized in small groups and in accordance with Tronox COVID-19 protocols, so employees could learn more about the facility, scientists and R&D programs.

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