Tronox adds state-of-the-art testing capability for ultrafine titanium dioxide based catalysts

Ever wonder how catalysts are tested to ensure their performance is up to the challenge? Sophisticated testing equipment ensures that products meet the demanding requirements for depollution applications. That is why our Specialty Chemicals & Materials R&D team has added a state-of-the-art, fully automated catalytic testing bench for the development of CristalACTiV™ ultrafine TiO₂ products for environmental applications like NOx abatement from vehicles or stationary sources.

The unit was entirely custom-made by Integrated Lab Solutions (ILS), a leading provider of customized R&D units, who designed, assembled and automatized the unit. ILS has extensive experience in designing custom selective catalytic reduction (SCR) testing units for automotive applications.

This SCR catalytic testing unit is composed of three parallel micro reactors. The furnace design allows for an isothermal temperature profile within the catalyst bed. Each reactor possesses its own feedline where gas mixtures are tuned independently. For controlled and pulsation free steam addition, Coriolis mass flow controller feed H₂O to an integrated vaporizer. Downstream from the catalyst bed, a state-of-the-art multi gas FTIR analyzer allows precise and sub second online quantification of the different gases. The unit is fully automated via our supplier recipe control and possesses its own safety engineering controls allowing for non-supervised operation.

To see how the unit works, visit our supplier video.

This polyvalent unit is a powerful tool and a very exciting addition to Tronox’s Specialty R&D department. Being able to quickly test new CristalACTiV™ Ultrafine TiO₂ products will allow Tronox to keep supporting its customers and accelerate developments to meet new emission regulations.

For more information on the CristalACTiV™ product range for environmental catalysis, visit our website.

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