New trial in Madrid with Tronox CristalACTiV™ product proved the efficiency of the photocatalytic concept to decrease pollution

Tronox has seen ongoing interest in its CristalACTiV™ range of TiO2-based photoactive colloidal suspensions (sols) and powders over the past few years. Tronox has an unrivalled range of photocatalytic products for air depollution and self-cleaning applications with three powder products for coatings applications and four TiO2-based aqueous sols for transparent applications.

During the past three years, Tronox has supported a European-funded LIFE-Photoscaling project with technical advice and the provision of product for evaluation. The project was coordinated by Instituto Torroja, a recognized independent Spanish research organization, in collaboration with Madrid Council. The project’s objectives were to develop demonstration platforms for different photocatalytic materials and to develop a prototype measurement method of photocatalyst efficiency with resulting performance indicators.

A decision support tool for the evaluation of different photocatalytic products on different substrates was developed, and the tool was validated in a real-life street trial carried out in Madrid in early 2019. CristalACTiVTM PC-S7 sol consistently performed well in all the demonstration platform evaluations and therefore was chosen for the street trial. Even though it was not possible to treat the whole street canyon with the photocatalyst, a statistically meaningful reduction in NO2 was recorded with no adverse side effects noticed or reported.

The project team is hopeful that this work will encourage wider use of photocatalytic materials in the ongoing challenge of reducing air pollution in urban areas.

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Tronox is continuously developing new CristalACTiV™ materials to meet existing and future environmental regulations and respond to the needs of innovative applications.

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